Public Policy-Informed Corporate Social Responsibility

Justice Informed helps companies build catalytic, data-driven strategies that move them beyond compliance, team engagement, traditional give-back opportunities, or marketing into community and city-immersed corporate leadership roles in their industries.


Justice Informed believes that the greatest asset a company has is its workforce. We catalyze teams to impact their companies and communities in tangible, data-driven ways that connect the real issues of their communities to the opportunities the individuals in your company have. Justice Informed works with companies to build public policy-informed corporate social responsibility strategies that effectively mobilize their employees and resources to better respond to the needs of our world in ways just becoming known to those outside of the direct social impact space. Justice Informed strategies are tailored for your company, and hyper-specific to the communities in which you work. Together, we can move your firm beyond annual volunteer days and single philanthropic initiatives, and into a robust ecosystem of partners, information sharing, bottom-line impacting engagements, and exemplary corporate citizenship.